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Santa Fe Artists Spiritual Candle Image Options

We are excited to announce a new product line at Luminant Productions. We are now offering a line of candles with images created by Santa Fe artists. These artists are all well known locally and some, internationally. We are very proud to be carrying this line. It provides an opportunity for people to own a piece of these artists work in a completely different format. These artists have very generously donated these images to Luminant Productions and in return we are donating 5% of each sale to the Santa Fe Artists Emergency Medical Fund, overseen by the Santa Fe Community Foundation. This organization is dedicated to the betterment of Santa Fe and it's residents. We would like to encourage our retailers to also donate to this foundation or the charity of your choice.

Upon ordering, each image will be carefully embellished by hand. Click the images to enlarge and learn more about what each sacred candle represents.

Mark Spencer
The Virgin of Guadalupe
Michael Bergt
The Crown
Frances Perea
Spirit Being
Painting by Robb Rael

Flaming Heart
Painting by Robb Rael

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